Slovenian Health Ministry proposes legalization of Cannabis buds for medical purposes

Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia has drafted legislative changes that would allow for the prescribing of cannabis buds for medical purposes. The changes do not, however, provide for the growing of medical marijuana in Slovenia, nor do they remove cannabis from the list of Schedule I drugs.

If the regulation will be accepted in its proposed form, patients will be able to get a prescription for cannabis buds which includes synthetic and natural extracts.

Doctors will be able to prescribe cannabis on the basis of expert guidance, which will be developed by the professionals for specific areas, such as use in paediatrics, neurology, palliative medicine and other fields, the Slovenian Ministry of Health have reported.

Until now, the positive effects of cannabis were demonstrated in the treatment of patients with cancer, the effects on appetite and body weight of patients with AIDS, in the treatment of neuropathic pain, in patients with multiple sclerosis with epilepsy, glaucoma, in palliative care, Crohn’s disease, a variety of neurological disorders..etc.

Cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes will for now still remain illegal unlike in Austria for example where the use of marijuana is not technically illegal. However, production and possession of cannabis is in fact illegal. You could face up to one year in prison for possession but Austria allows offenders to complete probation or drug rehabilitation instead.

Growing marijuana in Austria is not severely punished as long as you are not producing. The Austrian law recognizes producing as separating the buds from the plant. Large amounts over 200 grams is considered a serious crime and Austrian law enforcement will take into account any evidence they find at your grow. This can include old trimmings or other information pointing at an obvious past of production.

Source: STA, WebeHigh


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